Your order is very important to us and we make every effort to make sure you receive your goods as soon as possible. Our mail order department is covered by part time staff and therefore there is sometimes a delay in orders being sent out and it could take up to 6 days to process your order.

Update on COVID-19 situation: As the SGI-UK shops are not open at the moment, the level of orders coming through the website has quadrupled in recent months.  There is a very small team of people working in the Mailorder department, so the processing and sending out of orders will take much longer than usual. For example, it may take a month for UK orders to be delivered and much longer for Overseas orders.  We really appreciate your understanding and patience at this time. 

Overseas goods are sent out via airmail, so we are unable to give a posting guideline as arrival times will take longer and vary according to each country. 


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