Ceramic Candle Holders - Now Half Price!
Set of 2 candle holders available in four colours...
Ceramic Incense Holder - Now Half Price!
Available in blue, black, green, orange, yellow...
Ceramic Water Cups - Now Half Price!
Available in blue, orange and yellow. Was £...
Cup (Rice) - Gold
Gold coloured (metal) rice cup with washable dish...
Cup (Rice) Silver
Silver coloured (metal) rice cup with washable...
Cup (Water) - Black - Small
Small sized black plastic glass water cup with...
Cup (Water) - Glass - Frosted - Small Sized
Small sized frosted glass water cup with lid. 6cm...
Cup (Water) - Gold
Gold coloured water cup (metal) with lid and...
Cup (Water) - Silver
Silver coloured (metal) water cup with washable...
Duster in SGI Colours
Duster in SGI colours. Length - 29.5cm