Hakuhoju - White Incense sticks (Large)
White incense sticks. Box size: 16cm by 10cm.
Ho-Ju - Special Made (Small)
Ho-Ju Special - less smoke incense. Black incense...
Hoju (Small)
Dark pink incense sticks (small)
KA-FUH  (Extra Small)
KA-FUH - Extra Small box. A choice of 5 different...
MatchKo (Green Tea) Incense (Small)
Green Tea incense sticks with small incense stand...
Peach Incense (Large)
Box weight: 100grams Size of stick: 135mm Burning...
Renaissance Spirit (Large)
Smokeless incense.
Towa (Small)
Super less smoke black incense sticks.
Towa - Jasmine (Small)
Less smoke - coloured incense sticks
Towa - Lavender (Small)
Less smoke - coloured incense sticks