Your order is very important to us and we make every effort to make sure you receive your goods as soon as possible. Our mail order department is covered by part time staff and therefore there is sometimes a delay in orders being sent out and it could take up to 6 days to process your order.

Overseas goods are sent out via airmail, so we are unable to give a posting guideline as arrival times will take longer and vary according to each country. 

Christmas information: The last posting date before Christmas is Friday 21 December. The mail order department will then be closed until Thursday 3rd January.

Cup (Rice) Silver
Silver coloured (metal) rice cup with washable...
Cup (Water) - Black - Small
Small sized black plastic glass water cup with...
Cup (Water) - Glass - Frosted - Small Sized
Small sized frosted glass water cup with lid. 6cm...
Cup (Water) - Gold
Gold coloured water cup (metal) with lid and...
Cup (Water) - Silver
Silver coloured (metal) water cup with washable...
Daily Wisdom (Perpetual Calendar) English/Japanese Gosho Quotes
Perpetual Calendar - English/Japanese - Daily...
Daimoku Booklets
Daimoku Booklets
A range of daimoku booklets - count your good...
Daisaku Ikeda and Dialogue For Peace
Edited by Olivier Urbain. Daisaku Ikeda has...
Dictionary of Buddhism
The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism
Duster in SGI Colours
Duster in SGI colours. Length - 29.5cm